10.2 Inch EVO TYPE Android Head Unit Player Lancer Inspira EvoX

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Unit Player Lancer Inspira EvoX
10.2 inch Android Multimedia System for Lancer | Inspira | EvoX
✔100% Plug n Play to stock head unit socket
✔Used on Lancer / Inspira / EvoX
✔No wire cutting / mod needed

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✔No: 1 seller for this Android head unit in Malaysia
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✔Pioneer seller in Malaysia for Lancer Inspira 10.2 ‘android player since last year!
✔WhatsAp technical support

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Android system (stable)
10.2 inch led display
IPS display (hi-spec)
Quad Core / Intel CPU Processor
1Gb RAM / 2Gb Ram
16gb / 32Gb Memory
4G Simcard slot (hi-spec)
Upgrade audio chip (hi-spec)
Upgrade radio chip (hi-spec)
2 x usb port
4x50W Surround Stereo
High Definition Capacitive Screen
Stylish design
(similar smartphone function) ++
Fully support steering control
Support ECU system data via OBD2
Speakers control (front rear left right)
Audio equalizer
FM tuner (radio)
Support all video formats
Google play store
MirrorLink (depend on model)
AV in
Reverse camera
Other features ++
Android main unit with casing
Main cables / socket
Usb cables
Wi-Fi antenna
Gps antenna
Full version Torque ecu diag. app + other basic apps installed
(OBD2 Bluetooth adapter – add on)
(Reverse camera – add on)

⚠For Your Info:
Our player fully support official Google Play store not like some other seller version.


➡ All head unit comes with 1 Month warranty (except PROMO). Please refer to the corresponding package you choose, for warranty details.

By buying the product, customers are AGREED to the terms. TQ

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

⏩How many cars already installed with this head unit? (our customers)
Until now, we have more than 100 cars already installed with our Lancer Android head unit. Including Evo X, Lancer GT, Inspira, Sportback 2.4. We not just selling the product yesterday.

⏩This player can play ALL video formats?
Absolutely almost all formats can be played! This is Android, so there will be no problem. Including the subtitle (if you download movies online). Even other branded player also cannot play all video format!

⏩1Gb @ 2Gb ram enough? why not 4Gb or 10Gb ram?
For car head unit / player, 1Gb ram is more than enough. We didn’t use it 24H for Whatsapp or any chatting. Or serious gaming. Just perfect to browse internet, listen to the music, online videos / youtube, simple games, GPS navigation etc. So far no lag at all.

⏩How to transfer files?
Using usb pendrive / external hard disk / bluetooth

⏩Can it be updated to latest version anytime?
Yes, if it is available we will inform our customers, because this is custom Android version, you can’t just download it anywhere. We will announce if available. BTW, because this is not like your handphone, so it is no need to be updated frequently. Furthermore, our Android version is the most stable Android version available in the market.

⏩How about the sound quality?
Many customers noticed that the sound quality is improved compared to stock head unit, because this player using latest digital sound chip amplifier.

⏩How to connect the player to the internet?
WiFi: by connecting to any hotspots, your hp @ home hotspot or etc.

⏩What is OBD2 ecu reader?
A small device that connect to your car ECU using obd2 port and communicates with this Android player using bluetooth. This device can make your Android player to display most of ecu data by ‘real-time’, such as RPMs, Coolant temperature, speedometer, mileage, battery voltage etc ..

⏩Can i upgrade the internal memory (disk space)?
internally cannot, but can just use external hard disk or USB pen drive, usually it is enough 16GB fpr a car player, this is not your handphone remember?

⏩How to use GPS? need internet?
Normally we use Google maps or Waze (free apps). So of course need to use internet (wifi to your hotspot). If you want to use standalone (not using internet) gps app, just buy the app like Papago for Android (paid app) etc.

⏩Can i use mirror-link to duplicate my phone display to the player?
Compatible with some android version only.

⏩If my car already have stock-factory reverse camera, can i use it back?
Because of the camera usually use special socket, some modification may needed. If aftermarket reverse camera, 100% compatible.

⏩How about product warranty?
Yes, if it is still under warranty period, you get FREE repairs / FREE shipping return to the manufacturer for warranty claim. No warranty for software, damage of misuse, modification to original socket, short circuit, etc that related to modification of the main unit and wear and tear usage. After warranty expiration, we still can help to send the product to our manufacturer for repair, the 2-ways shipping + repair cost need to bear by customer.

⏩How long i need to wait until i get my Android player?
Once order & payment received, there is 7-10 working days waiting-period. Please be patient while we process your order. Sit back and relax

⏩How or where can i get the player install to my car?
The player is 100% plug-play to your original car socket, so no mod needed. Very easy to install & you can install by DIY or get someone to install for you (car accs shop). Tutorial will be given.

⏩Ok, now im interested and want to get one!
Just order using the form above. Make payment, and you’re ready to go! 🙂

Additional information


Base Spec 1+16, Mid-Spec 2+32, Hi-Spec 2+32 4G


NO add-on, OBD2 bluetooth ecu reader, Reverse camera, OBD2+Reverse camera

6 reviews for 10.2 Inch EVO TYPE Android Head Unit Player Lancer Inspira EvoX

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Nak pergi mana2 takde masalah, ada google maps senang mcm smartphone dah, waze pun boleh

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    My kids love it! Can play all downloaded movies without doubt

  3. Wan jerteh

    Berbaloi beli, anak-anak suka tengok Youtube online hehe. Player lama leceh nak play video download pun xboleh.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Skrin besar sgt best, 10 inci tu. Beli pasang sdri je sbb mudah, jimat sikit haha

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Player asal rosak, so beli yang ni. So far so good, banyak function

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    seller sangat membantu masa nak pasang, kalau beli kt kedai memang susah la nak tanya. mantap player nih

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